Social Media Tools for Work & Self Promotion

Face book: The social media having highest number of members. Social networking is the basis for the face book. Talk, share, chat, and comment our views and ideas through face book. In business, people use face book for promotions.

Linked in: It is an upcoming social networking sector. Share our views and ideas and get connections with lots of people related to our field. It is also a place to promote products and services while getting better connections.

Twitter: Now a day’s most of the people have twitter account. Through twitter we can follow great people and companies and it helps us to know about their latest movements.

Google/Gmail: Gmail is used for mailing any details to a specified person or group of people. In business it is mainly used for sending important details, letters, orders, contracts and so on.

Nimble: It is also a social relationship manager. Here also we are getting connected with people related to  products and services.    

In the business world social media plays a great role. In every business practices business professionals use effectively the social media. Social media provide most cost-effective ways to achieve a particular business goal. The easiest and fastest way to reach the world is through social networking. Social Medias not only play a role in social networking but also it is providing self promotion to business world. The real success behind a business is the connections they made, through that they can send the messages to ever body.  

The development of relationship in social media is very important for business. Business people have their own personal brand which helps them to have connections with customers and business people. Social media also used for starting new business, ordering products and also to hire people. Now a day’s human resource department people uses social media as a reference to the candidate (it termed as privacy breach in some cases).


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